Alkalising why it’s so important for health

Alkalising why it’s so important for health

Alka what now? Alkalising can be an important component of the overall health of our body.  A ph level measures how acidic or alkaline something is, with a ph of 7 being neutral. Levels vary generally throughout the body, the blood is typically slightly alkaline around 7.35, and the stomach stays quite acidic to break down food at around 3.5. It is known that acid forming foods can cause inflammation in the body.

Along with research showing alkaline foods or anti inflammatory diets can help with already existing inflammatory conditions such as inflammatory bowel diseases. And you guessed it, acidic forming foods are our typical indulgence foods, refined foods & sugars, hydrogenated oils/fats, meat, dairy, alcohol and coffee do the opposite causing inflammation and making existing inflammatory conditions worse.

Alkaline foods are mostly fruits and vegetables & good quality filtered water, in the moderately acid range sit nuts, legumes and seeds. But don’t worry! We can still eat acidic foods, but to keep a good balance, an 80/20 ratio is a good way to keep a balance, so indulge 20% from the acidic list, and balance with 80% of the alkalising foods.

My favourite way to balance this is by having a daily green juice. It’s such a great way to alkalise as well as pack in loads of minerals, by juicing your body is better able to absorb the minerals straight into your cells, I pack mine with every green thing i have, celery, cucumber, kale, spinach, parsley, mint and lemon.

Other ways to alkalise; a simple lemon & water, apple cider vinegar, chlorophyll, chlorella or spirulina extract in water can be good for people on the go.


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