Walking Amazing Health Benefits

☀️ There are so many health benefits to just simply getting outside and walking, you get a chance to get some Vitamin D, an essential hormone now known to play an integral role in preventing many disease states and regulating imune function. It is a moving meditation and way of balancing, slowing down, critical in our busy rush rush way of living these days, with chronic stress known to cause a catalyst of multiple health issues. It is exercise, getting the lymphatic system moving and detoxifyiing the body. If your lucky enough to walk on the beach, you breathe in good ions from the ocean, proven to positively affect your brain chemicals and boost your mood. And finally, if you take off your shoes and directly connect with the sand, grass or dirt you get something called grounding (earthing), grounding actually helps neutralise all the electro magnetic junk we accumulate and store through out our day, known to have an inflammatory affect on our bodies. The earth, in its amazing natural state, has the good type of electrons, these have an antioxidant and anti inflammatory affect on the body, and when we have direct contact with it, say by walking barefoot on the sand or grass, these good electrons are able to conduct through our bodies restoring a healthy ion balance.

Health is so much more then healthy food, or exercising insecessantly at the gym, and if you can do one healthy thing for yourself today, go outside, find a park or a beach, take your shoes off, simply walk, relax & enjoy.

Jan x