Guilt Free Nutella!

G u i l t   F r e e  N u t e l l a !?





Y o u  w i l l   n e e d:

2 cups raw hazelnuts
¼ cup cacao powder
1 cup organic full fat coconut milk
6 tbsp of rice malt syrup (or 4 tbsp maple syrup)
½ tsp natural vanilla extract
Pinch himalayan salt


L e t s  m a k e  i t:

Preheat oven to 180°C. Place hazelnuts onto baking sheet and roast for 15 minutes until nuts are slightly brown.  Place roasted nuts into the fold of a kitchen towel and gently massage until most of skins come off.

Place peeled hazelnuts into food processor and process until creamy smooth (8-10 minutes), making sure to scrape down the sides sometimes.

Add the remaining of the ingredients and process again until smooth.

Store in an airtight glass container or jar for up to 7 days.

*Tip: To thicken add extra coconut milk

*Tip: Sugar free use Stevia to taste in place of syrup





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