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Q. Hi Jan I tend to bloat a lot, what can cause this and how can I get rid of it?

Bloating can be from several causes. Stress, this is BIG one and often overlooked in many conditions, when you stress your body shuts down its natural processes of digestion, when food isn’t able to be digested properly it ferments in the bowel and causes excess gasses. Eating too much food, hard to digest foods or foods not chewed properly also cause this fermentation and excess gas in the bowel. Another very common underlying cause (up to around 80% of all IBS suffers to be precise) can be various bacterial overgrowths and parasites. These bugs love to feed on everything we do, including healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, once they eat and digest the foods they expel gas into our intestine causes bloating and other various IBS symptoms. These can be easily tested and treated via your Nutritionist.