About me

Hi it’s lovely to meet you, my name is Jan. I am an Adelaide based accredited Clinical Nutritionist. I offer in clinic consultations, along with online skype or phone consultations..

At the heart of my journey to becoming a Nutritionist was a deep passion to share good health with those around me. Noticing myself in my early 20’s the impact health and wellness had on my ability to be a positive, energetic and loving person, and with the drive to follow my dreams, I encountered on learning everything I could about health, mind body and soul.

I myself went down the path of being unhealthy and I did not even realise. Over exercising, under eating and not eating the right foods for my particular body. My sleep quality was poor leading to insomnia, adrenals exhausted as I pushed on each day masking the fatigue with multiple coffees and a terrible malnourishing diet.  Most important of all I also suffered from an unhealthy mind, not realising the poisonous impact all this was having on me, I eventually suffered a total mind and body break down….

It started with crippling anxiety driven panic attacks, followed by an autoimmune disease called eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE), an inflammatory disease of the esophagus, creating nasty symptoms daily of stomach pain, inflammation and heart burn.

It wasn’t until a car accident, which left me with under half of my normal daily capabilities and years of rehabilitation, that I was forced to slow down (begrudgingly, fought for many months, it may have been more like a year) that I realised I had had it all wrong, and could not be any more out of touch with my body and health.

Then the Nutrition journey started.. after a family tragedy of losing my mother to cancer who had suffered from mental health issues since I was a young child, I decided to follow my dream of helping people, go to university and become a Clinical Nutritionist, as I realised along with a healthy mind, daily physical movement, strong social, family, spiritual and community connections, comes the base of all health – Nutrition.

And so it has become my passion to help inspire and individualise a healthy balanced lifestyle that works for you, so you can start living your best life, feeling positive, energetic and alive just like I did for myself.  You are the best investment you can ever make. Your health, feeling well, energetic and alive really is everything, and you deserve that right!? Are you ready to start feeling healthy and alive? Lets go do this together.

In health & positivity,

Jan x